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The costs involved with a university education climb higher every year and the options are bleak. Big financial institutions offer prosaic solutions absent of intimate understanding of what university students really need and students are left without financial savvy over their money or burdened with debt.

These are big problems that require a big change. The Waterloo Banking Project is a student founded, student operated, and student-centric financial institution addressing the financial woes of university students. We marry an intimate knowledge of the needs and concerns of university students with a mission statement based around benevolence.

The Waterloo Banking Project keeps costs low and involvement high by attracting the right support, network, and participants who not only share a passion for university education but who want to enfranchise those who currently attend it. Join the change that students need. Join the Waterloo Banking Project.


Random Testimonial

  • ~ Which factors affect credit scores?

    "Here is a website that presents the info relatively easy and not too boring: http://www.alberta-mortgages.com/articles/credit-bureau.html Also, you can get a free credit report at http://www.consumer.equifax.ca/home/en_ca. From alberta-mortgages.com:

    Here are the factors considered when calculating your credit score and an estimate of how heavily each factor might be weighted.

    » Past payment history (35 percent): bankruptcies, late payments, past due accounts and wage attachments
    » Amount of credit owing (30 percent): amount owed on accounts, proportion of balances to total credit limits
    » Length of time credit established (15 percent): time since accounts opened, time since account activity
    » Search for and acquisition of new credit (10 percent): number of recent credit inquiries, number of recently opened accounts
    » Types of credit established (10 percent): number of various types of accounts (credit cards, retail accounts,"

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