Our Products

We will benefit students by offering student-run financial services to help them graduate with more money, less debt and better financial skills.

Not only will we provide retail banking products structured to meet students’ needs, but we will help students plan and manage their finances so they can better handle the costs of their education.

We will provide a full range of account and credit products so, if students choose, they can use our services for all their financial needs. Those products will be structured with student schedules in mind and delivered by students. Rates and fees will be set to cover the cost of operations and the organization will work hard to keep costs down.

In addition to competitive products, we will offer planning, support, and tools, so students can be confident in their finances and make informed spending decisions. Planning for the term will allow students to consider their needs across several months and avoid stress late in the term when exams and deadlines loom. By helping create budgets beyond the current term to future co-op, summer, and school terms, we can help students ensure that they are able to complete their degrees with minimum concern about money.

The cost of our products and services will help students save money, but our planning services will help students save money on their own and be poised for success when they graduate.

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