Panel Member #3: Sabariesan Pavananthan


My name is Sabariesan Pavananthan; I’m a 3B Mathematical Economics specializing in Finance with minors in CS and Management here at the University of Waterloo. I plan on going into foreign exchange and global markets sector of investment banking when I do finish my degree.








Highlights in his career. 

  • First place in Waterloo’s Stock Simulation Contest
  • Bloomberg’s Algorithmic Trading Competition
  • Waterloo’s Stock Pitch Competition


  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Global Financial Markets and Politics
  • Reading Dan Brown books

Why it is important to educate students on personal finance.

As a student myself, I learned throughout my first couple of terms here that I sucked at keeping track of my own expenses, especially when I became of age and started spending a lot of my time experiencing the nightlife of being a young student. Through a systematic approach to budgeting, I realized how much money I really had access to and began to save money towards more meaningful expenditures rather than short-term frivolities.

Random Testimonial

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    "Here is a website that presents the info relatively easy and not too boring: Also, you can get a free credit report at From

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    » Past payment history (35 percent): bankruptcies, late payments, past due accounts and wage attachments
    » Amount of credit owing (30 percent): amount owed on accounts, proportion of balances to total credit limits
    » Length of time credit established (15 percent): time since accounts opened, time since account activity
    » Search for and acquisition of new credit (10 percent): number of recent credit inquiries, number of recently opened accounts
    » Types of credit established (10 percent): number of various types of accounts (credit cards, retail accounts,"

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