10 Things to Know About Taxes – Winter 2015

Come learn about filing taxes and have your questions answered by a personal tax expert. Join our discussion on taxes for students in Canada. Have you never filed taxes before? Are you unsure of how to properly file your taxes? We will discuss how easy it can be to file your taxes, tips for help with filing your taxes and the numerous benefits that you will get from doing so.


Our roundtable event will answer all of your questions as well as cover:

  • The basics of income tax
  • How to file your taxes
  • Deductions and credits you, as a student, are eligible for

The event will take place March 4th at 2pm (RCH 208) at the University of Waterloo and March 5th at 12pm (ARTS 2C17) at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Please register for the event on our website.

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