Financial Launchpad Event Winter 2015

Launchpad Flyer

The Waterloo Banking Project is hosting a Finance Launchpad Event! Come out if you want to learn more about personal finance, budgeting, saving and more! There are two sessions: Day 1 is on Monday and Tuesday and Day 2 is on Wednesday and Thursday. These sessions are completely FREE.

Sessions run from Jan. 19-22.

Session one – Attend Monday OR Tuesday and we will cover:
-Intro to planning your finances
-Goal setting

Mon. Jan 19th will be in UW DWE 3518 from 3 – 4 pm
Tues. Jan 20th will be in UW DWE 2527 from 3 – 4 pm


Session two – Attend Wednesday OR Thursday and we will cover:
-Income & Taxes
-Finances after graduation

Wed. Jan. 21st will be in UW DWE 2527 from 3 – 4 pm.
Thurs. Jan 22nd will be in UW DWE 1502 from 3 – 4 pm.

Please fill out the Launchpad Registration Form.

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