Waterloo Banking Project featured in Waterloo Region Technology Spotlight Ryan Chen-Wing, Hemal Patel, Aniket Gaikwad

Waterloo Banking Project appeared in The Waterloo Region Record’s Technology Spotlight on November 3, 2014. The Project’s goal is to help university students to become more successful by graduating with more money, less debt, and better financial skills. Senior Director Hemal Patel and staff member Aniket Gaikwad explained what being a part of the Project means to them in the article.


What makes this initiative different, organizers say, is the one-on-one free consultations staff will offer students. A budgeting and web app tool is also being developed to help students track what they spend in university…

The start-up culture in the city of Waterloo was especially helpful when starting the project. Hemal is quoted as saying: “A lot of students and faculty are happy to help with startups and advise on new ideas that help the student community,” Hemal adds. “We got a lot of help from the community around us to develop the project. Doing it here is probably a lot easier than doing it anywhere else because of the close-knit startup community that is developing in this area.” – Students launch banking project to help fellow students Waterloo Region Technology Spotlight 3 November 2014

Waterloo Banking Project currently has 32 staff from Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo. The Project will offer one-on-one consulting sessions with students to help them learn to budget their money well. Waterloo Banking Project is actively working to prepare for launch of student focussed financial services in Spring 2015.

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