Apply to join the Waterloo Banking Project/ReLeaf Financial staff for the Fall 2013 term as we build student-focused financial services.

Our social enterprise startup requires a broad range of talents and perspectives. We are seeking applicants who are enthusiastic, diligent, resourceful, and good communicators.

Staff will be expected to commit a minimum of six hours per week, deal with unique challenges, and work effectively on individual and group projects.

We will consider candidates who are on school term at Laurier, Waterloo, and Conestoga College in any program, and in any year, for roles in all our departments. First-year students can apply to any department, but must include Customer Contact as one of their choices. After launch all new staff must first serve in the Customer Contact before moving to other departments.

The organization works on a not-for-profit basis and no positions in the project are paid. We focus on offering staff a valuable and rewarding experience.

About our project

About each department


Customer contact

Mission: Ensuring positive customer experiences

Typical responsibilities:

  • Interacting positively with current and prospective customers
  • Promoting the project and its mission
  • Providing support at marketing and education events


Education & Financial planning

Mission: Educating students in personal finance to help them build a foundation for success

Typical responsibilities:

  • Financial education programs
  • Speaker and discussion events
  • Online database of financial resources


Web development

Mission: Devising effective systems for learning, communication, and personal financial management

Typical responsibilities:

  • Developing online personal finance tools
  • Creating customer and audience interfaces
  • Designing websites


Information services

Mission: Ensuring proper and reliable functioning of computer and information services

Typical responsibilities:

  • Managing websites and content management systems
  • Implementing online surveys


Public relations & Marketing

Mission: To increase awareness, understanding, and affinity for our project and its purpose.

Typical responsibilities:

  • Media channel management
  • In-person promotion
  • Content creation
  • Market research and analysis
  • Media relations


Human resources

Mission: To recruit, train, and maintain an effective student staff.

Typical responsibilities:

  • Staff orientation and training
  • Hiring and staff planning
  • Staff community development


Development & Fundraising

Mission: To assemble funds, resources, and support to further our vision and purpose.

Typical responsibilities:

  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Donor Prospecting & Relationship Management
  • Competitions and Grants
  • Proposal Development



Mission: Planning and managing our resources to create a sustainable social enterprise

Typical responsibilities:

  • Financial modelling and data research
  • Financial product analysis
  • Budget tracking and analysis
  • Financial statement preparation

The deadline for applications is 11:59 p.m. Friday 13 September 2013.

The deadline for applications to any department is 11:59 p.m. Friday 13 September 2013.
First-year students applying only to Customer Contact must apply no later than 11:59 p.m. Friday 20 September 2013.

To apply:

  1. Fill out the Fall 2013 Application Form (Waterloo Banking Project)
  2. Send your resume with a filename that includes your name to with the subject line “[Your Full Name] | Waterloo Banking Project Application”


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