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Our student focus

Because we are students, we understand the challenges of paying for university. We are working to offer student-focused services to help you meet those challenges.

Financial planning

Our planning service will help you predict your finances over school terms, work terms, and summers off, so you can focus on being a student.

Join us

We are looking for financial partners, benevolent investors, and dedicated team members to help realize our vision of student-run financial services.


Random Testimonial

  • ~ Financial FAQ: What should I keep in mind when looking for a new place to live?

    "As you accept that new co-op job (congratulations!), you may have to embark on a second search, one for a place to live. What follows are some ideas on how to find a place to rent, how to go about selecting roommates, and how to sublet your current room if you happened to sign a lease over a period of time when you won't be living in the house.

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