Waterloo Banking Project
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Our student focus

Because we are students, we understand the challenges of paying for university. We are working to offer student-focused services to help you meet those challenges.

Financial planning

Our planning service will help you predict your finances over school terms, work terms, and summers off, so you can focus on being a student.

Join us

We are looking for financial partners, benevolent investors, and dedicated team members to help realize our vision of student-run financial services.


Random Testimonial

  • ~ What’s the best way to approach a friend who owes a large amount of money?

    "Lending and borrowing money is always a tough situation, especially between friends. Consider what would happen if you never get the money back. Always have written records when lending or borrowing money because that keeps both parties accountable. If your friend brushes you off or delays the payments, you need to have a face to face conversation with your friend about the loan. This is better than over the phone and certainly by email.  Set up a time to sit down and discuss.  Share your feelings and be sensitive to his or her space. If he feels backed into a corner, it is hard to create positive action.  Propose a repayment schedule that you think is fair and and a back-up strategy if it doesn't work (i.e. talking to his parents, going to the small claims"

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